Check here after each troop event to review the photographs and written accounts by the Scouts.



    December 1999  
    January 2000  


    Canoeing in Collier Seminole State Park (Mud Bay)  
    Backpacking on the Ocachobee Dike  
    Backpacking at Withlacoochee a while ago  
    Backpacking at Withlacoochee November 5th through 7th  
    Tracking at Hilliard Ranch December 3rd through 5th  
    Camporee Practice at the Church January 8th and 9th  
    Southwest Florida Council Camporee at Miles January 21th through 23th  
    Canoeing at Collier Seminole State Park February 11th through 13th  

Other Events:

    95 miscellaneous photos from the troop's past! Grab a sandwich, though, it takes a bit!  
    Philmont Scout Ranch 1994: See the crew, the trip up there, the villa, base camp, lots of gorgeous views, various campsites, activities like shooting, axe throwing and donkey racing, the military base on the trip back, and various other great photos!  
    Richard's troop in the United Kingdom  
    Lee's Wood Badge Project  
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