Summer Camp Gear List

    Mosquito Net An absolute must-have. The finer, no-see-um variety mesh is preferable.
    Sleeping Bag  
    Sheet Great to have on cool nights when a sleeping bag is too warm.
    Sleep Clothes Sleeping bags are hard to wash, so changing into clean clothes is a good idea.
    Soap Liquid soap is far easier to camp with than a messy bar.
    Shampoo Travel size bottles save space.
    Toothpaste Be careful not to squish your toiletries all over your stuff.
    2 Large Towels Big towels are good for showers and the poolside.
    Washcloth Great for cleaning up quickly during the day.
    Bathing Suit  
    Spare Clothing:  
    Camp Shoes More comfy than boots, and having two pairs of shoes will help keep your feet dry.
    7 prs. Underwear  
    7 Short Sleeve Shirts  
    7 prs. Socks  
    Extra Shorts Official Scout shorts are nice, but bringing plain shorts and laundry soap is cheaper.
    Long Pants It might get cold, and these are necessary for the Swimming MB.
    Long Sleeve Shirt It might get cold, and this is necessary for the Swimming MB.
    Sweater Just in case.
    Big Cup To be carried around all day and to Mess.
    Bowl Having a mess kit is nice in case the troop has a cracker-barrel or something.
    Canteen Good for hikes around Camp Miles.
    Medication Please be sure to speak with Scoutmaster regarding any medications.
    Getting Around:  
    First Aid Kit  
    Flashlight Nothing extravagant.
    Extra Batteries You should know how many sets you'll go through.
    Money No more than $40, and best left with the Scoutmaster for safekeeping.
    Trash Bags For putrid laundry and other nasties.
    Bandana(s) Good for applying bug- and sun- block, etc.
    Zipper bags Necessary for keeping stuff dry.
    Educational Material:  
    Scout Handbook  
    Notebook For taking notes and writing out assignments for MB's.
    Pens and Pencils For taking notes and writing out assignments for MB's.
    Merit Badge Books You'll need to borrow or buy the pamphlet for each MB class you take.
    MB Prerequisites Any MB-specific thing your supposed to bring or do beforehand.
    Rainwear Camp Miles is notorious for rain. This will see a lot of wear.
    Scout Hat Non-Scouting hats may not be worn at ceremonies.
    Scout Shirt  
    Shout Shorts  
    Scout Socks  
    Scout Belt  
    Tote 'n Chip  
    Merit Badge Sash Usually only if you have six or more merit badges.
    Medals If applicable.
    Order of the Arrow Sash If applicable.
    Bug Repellant Pump or cream, please. Aerosols destroy the tents and are often used as torches.
    Sturdy Shoes No open-toed shoes are allowed unless you're on your way to or from the shower.
    Nice to Have:  
    Laundry Soap To keep your uniform clean all week.
    Extra pair of Scout Shorts You'll still want to do laundry, but these will make staying in uniform easier.
    Extra pair of Scout Socks You'll still want to do laundry, but these will make staying in uniform easier.
    Mosquito Pics These little green coils, if allowed, are real lifesavers.
    Shower Sandals Keep your feet clean to and from the shower.
    Playing Cards  
    Reading Material  
    Paper Towels  
    Toilet Paper Bringing your own is much better than using the stuff you'll find in the latrines.
    Nylon Cord Clotheslines, guylines, etc.
    Daypack To carry stuff for classes, plus raingear, cup, and canteen.
    Watch Not one you can't lose, you just need to know when to go to class.

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