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Troop 140 December News

Camporee 2000 - Beyond Prepared!

Troop 140 is gearing up for the South West Florida Council Camporee in January when boys from Naples to Sarasota will be camping and competing at Camp Miles.

Beyond 2000 Camporee Patch
Troop 140 scouts will be preparing for Camporee 2000
Be sure to have fun:

All aspects of scouting will be covered with an emphasis on outdoor skills such as pioneering and orienteering. The troop will be working hard on menus, reading maps and compasses, working with ropes, knots, splices and lashings.

Tracking at Hilliard Ranch

The theme for this month's campout was tracking and the boys that went did a great job of locating and identifying a variety of tracks; these included wild hogs, coyote, deer, raccoon, bobcat, armadillo as well as cow and horse tracks.

The ranch, which covers 80 square miles gave plenty of scope for not only tracking, but plant and bird identification.

The boys that went were, Kevin, James, Richard, Trevor, Harrison, Thomas & Brennon. The adults that accompanied them were Mr. Hisey, Mrs. Hurlock, Mr. McCabe, Mr. Sparkes and Mr. Highsmith. Thank you to you all for giving up your weekend to help the boys!

While on the ranch, the boys accepted an invite to go and see sugar cane being harvested. . "The guide answered all the questions that the boys posed on the process of making sugar. The boys even tried some raw cane, concluding that though tough, it tasted good and very sweet."

The tree swing that the boys began to make evolved into a chair lift and everyone was hoisted up among the tree branches for an aeriel view of the camp.

Want to see more photos?
Aeriel View
Anyone who asked was hoisted up twenty feet for a grand view!

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